List of licensees

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African Alliance Kenya Unit Trust Scheme

  • African Alliance Kenya Money Market  Fund (Formerl
  • African Alliance Kenya Fixed Income Fund;
  • African Alliance Kenya Managed Fund
  • African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund;
  • African Alliance Kenya Enhanced Yield Fund.

British-American Unit Trust Scheme

  • British-American Money Market Fund
  • British-American Income Fund
  • British-American Balanced Fund;
  • British-American Equity Fund.

NCBA Unit Trust Funds

  • NCBA Fixed Income Fund
  • NCBA Equity Fund
  • NCBA Dollar Fixed Income Fund
  • NCBA Fixed Income Basket Note (KES Fund)
  • NCBA Fixed Income Basket Note (USD) Fund

Zimele Unit Trust Scheme

  • Zimele Balanced Fund
  • Zimele Money Market Fund
  • Zimele Fixed Income Fund

ICEA Unit Trust Scheme

  • Standard Investment Equity Growth Fund
  • Standard Investment Fixed Income Fund
  • Standard Investment Balanced Fund.

CIC Unit Trust Scheme

  • CIC Money Market Fund
  • CIC Balanced Fund
  • CIC Fixed Income Fund
  • CIC Equity Fund
  • CIC Wealth Fund
  • CIC Dollar Fund

Madison Unit Trust Fund

  • Madison Money Market Fund
  • Madison Fixed Income Fund
  • Madison Wealth Fund

Dyer and Blair Unit Trust Scheme

  • Dyer and Blair Diversified Fund
  • Dyer and Blair Bond Fund
  • Dyer and Blair Money Market Fund
  • Dyer and Blair Equity Fund

Amana Unit Trust Funds Scheme

  • Amana Money Market Fund
  • Amana Balanced Fund
  • Amana Equity Fund

Diaspora Unit Trust Scheme,

  • Diaspora Money Market Fund
  • Diaspora Bond Fund
  • Diaspora Equity Fund

First Ethical Opportunities Fund

Genghis Unit Trust Funds

  • GenCap Hazina Fund (Bond Fund)
  • GenCap Eneza Fund (Diversified Fund)
  • GenCap Hela Fund (Money Market Fund)
  • GenCap Iman Fund (Shariah Compliant Fund)
  • GenCap Hisa Fund (Equity Fund)
  • GenCap Hela Imara Fund (Money Market Fund)
  • Gencap Eneza Imara Fund
  • Gencap Hisa Imara Fund
  • Gencap Iman Imara Fund
  • Gencap Fixed Income Fund

Mali Money Market Fund

Genghis Specialized Funds

  • Gencap NSE25 Index Tracker
  • Gencap Financial Services Fund.

Sanlam Unit Trust Scheme

  • Sanlam Money Market Fund
  • Sanlam Balanced Fund
  • Sanlam Fixed Income Fund
  • Sanlam USD Fixed Income Fund

Nabo Africa Funds

  • Nabo Africa Money Market Fund
  • Nabo Africa Balanced Fund
  • Nabo Africa Fixed Income Fund
  • Nabo Africa Equity Fund
  • Nabo Capital Money Market Fund (USD)

Old Mutual Unit Trust Scheme

  • Old Mutual Equity Fund
  • Old Mutual Money Market Fund
  • Old Mutual Balanced Fund
  • Old Mutual East Africa Fund
  • Old Mutual Bond Fund

Equity Investment Bank Collective Investment Scheme

  • Equity Investment Bank Money Market Fund
  • Equity Investment Bank Balanced Fund

Dry Associates Unit Trust Scheme

  • Dry Associates Money Market Fund (Kenya Shillings)
  • Dry Associates Money Market Fund (US Dollars)
  • Dry Associates Balanced Fund (Kenya Shillings)

Co-op Trust Fund

  • Co-op Balanced Fund
  • Co-op Equity Fund
  • Co-op Bond Fund
  • Co-op Money Market Fund
  • Co-op Fixed Income Gratuity Fund

Apollo Unit Trust Scheme

  • Apollo Money Market Fund
  • Apollo Balanced Fund
  • Apollo Aggressive Growth Fund
  • Apollo Equity Fund
  • Apollo East Africa Fund
  • Apollo Bond Fund

Cytonn Unit Trust Scheme

  • Cytonn Money Market Fund
  • Cytonn Balanced Fund
  • Cytonn Equity Fund
  • Cytonn Africa Financial Services Fund
  • Cytonn Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Cytonn High Yield Fund

Orient Umbrella Collective Investment Scheme (formerly Alphafrica Umbrella Fund)

  • Orient Hifadhi Fixed Income Fund (formerly Alphafrica Hifadhi Fixed Income Fund)
  • Orient Kasha Money Market Fund (formerly Alphafrica Kasha Money Market Fund)

Wanafunzi Investment Unit Trust Fund

Absa Unit Trust Funds

  • Absa Balanced Fund
  • Absa Bond Fund
  • Absa Dollar Money Market Fund
  • Absa Equity Fund
  • Absa Shilling Money Market Fund

Jaza Unit Trust Fund

  • Boda Riders Money Market Fund

Masaru Unit Trust Scheme

  • Masaru Wealth Management Fund
  • Masaru Money Market Fund

ADAM Unit Trust Scheme

  • ADAM Balanced Fund
  • ADAM Equities Fund
  • ADAM Fixed Income Fund
  • ADAM Money Market Fund

KCB Unit Trust Scheme (formerly Natbank Unit Trust Scheme)

  • KCB Money Market Fund (Kes) (formerly Natbank Money Market Fund)
  • KCB Fixed Income Fund (formerly Natbank Fixed Income Fund)
  • KCB Balanced Fund (formerly Natbank Balanced Fund)
  • KCB Equity Fund (formerly Natbank Equity Fund)
  • KCB Money Market Fund (USD) (formerly Natbank Money Market Fund (USD)

GenAfrica Unit Trust Scheme

  • GenAfrica Money Market Fund
  • GenAfrica Equity Fund
  • GenAfrica Fixed Income Fund

Amaka Unit Trust (Umbrella) Scheme

  • Amaka HOSP Fixed Income Fund
  • Amaka Qualified Investor Tenant Purchase Scheme Fund

Jubilee Unit Trust Collective Investment Scheme

  • Jubilee Balanced Fund
  • Jubilee Equity Fund
  • Jubilee Fixed Income KES) Fund
  • Jubilee Fixed Income (USD) Fund
  • Jubilee Money Market Fund

Enwealth Capital Unit Trust Scheme

  • Enwealth Balanced Fund
  • Enwealth Equity Fund
  • Enwealth Money Market Fund

Kuza Asset Management Unit Trust Scheme

  • Kuza Fixed Income Fund
  • Kuza Money Market Fund (KES)
  • Kuza Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Kuza Momentum Fund

Etica Unit Trust Funds which has the following sub funds

  • Etica Money Market Fund
  • Etica Money Market Fund(USD)
  • Etica Fixed Income Fund
  • Etica Fixed Income Fund(USD)
  • Etica Shariah Fund
  • Etica Shariah Fund (USD)
  • Etica Wealth Fund
  • Etica Wealth Fund(USD)

Lofty Corban Unit Trust Scheme which comprises of

  • Lofty Corban Equity Fund
  • Lofty Corban Money Market Fund (KES)
  • Lofty Corban Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Lofty Corban Bond Fund (USD)
  • Lofty Corban Bond Fund(KES)
  • Lofty Corban Special Money Market Fund
  • Britam Special Fixed Income Fund ( this is a stand-alone fund)